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Title: Our Vision
Post by: GeekSlayer on April 14, 2008, 11:07:31 pm
I like to keep things simple and easy, so I'll keep things short!
This Forum was created for one purpose.  To recruit as many 'scripters' as possible in order to bring what we consider to be an awesome website to life!  Here is what my partner, guitarcrazy087 (http://geeksrus.smfforfree3.com/index.php?action=profile;u=2) has to say about our vision:
Ok, so heres what this forum is about. It's really only the first step in making a full fledged website dedicated to CSS (or possibly any coding language used for web-development). What we're looking for now, is people who are willing to pitch in, and get this thing off the ground.

Here's the vision for the future site as of now:

1. A site with members accounts. Once logged into the site, they can access any part of the site from the home page... (i.e. forum, members pages etc.)

2. The site would contain a forum for everything related to CSS (or possibly other web-development languages).

3. The site would have chat rooms so you can get help from anyone who happens to be online at that time, and they can help you work through things step by step. So any user could start a room about their problem, and if anyones online, can get help from them. I don't know if it would be possible to build in a voice chat as well, but that would be cool.

4. Each member would have they're own "web-page" which they could use for:
A. a portfolio of their work. Also, users could rate other members work and comment on it.
B. They're own tutorials. users could also rate tutorials, and comment on them as well.
C. and of course their profile could be displayed
D. every user could edit their pages theme.

5. a link exchange. For suggesting other sites with good tutorials, and for swapping links on sites. this could be done with a forum, but i'm thinking of something a little different. possibly you could search for sites that are similar to your own, and swap links with them.

6. Website reviews. Just like on any other forum basically

7. website competitions. these would be for things like, whose site is the cleanest, most user friendly, most-hip site. If a user won a competition it could be displayed on their "webpage." i'm thinking that for the website competitions they would be a separate page of the site, not just a topic on the forum, and would possibly function differently. like the page with the entries on it would simply contain entries (thumbnails of the sites or something). not everybody's comments on the entries. then you can click on the entry, and see every body's comments and ratings as well as the official judges ratings.

8. A search, and not just any search! i'm thinking you could search for competitions, users, tutorials, forums, chat rooms, possibly website reviews, and of course the link exchange. so you could search any one of these categories, or the whole site, and also search by author, rating, etc.

9. A point system, or something along those lines. I'm thinking users get points by winning competitions, posting in the forum, and possibly by the ratings on their portfolios/tutorials. I by no means am thinking of a Karma System. Anyway, with these points the users could by "ad" room on the home page of the site, or possibly elsewhere. All the ad would be is a link to their site, and possibly a short description. Just a note here, this site would be "ad free" - no adds from external websites...

well, that's basically it. unless someone adds something. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them. We're open to anything. If you interested in coding for this project, tell us in the other boards in this category. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks a ton!  :)


As time went on, and we began to loosen up a bit, the idea of adding several more boards, ie.,"Welcome", "Scripting Languages", "Tutorials", "Geek Shack" seemed like a good idea.  So Now, independent of our main goal,  we are putting forth the effort towards making the Scripters Paradise forum an "awesome" place for anyone who enjoys scripting a place to hang out.  Learn from us by posting your questions.  Give us knowledge by posting your tutorials. 

Welcome to Scripters Paradise!   


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